Live Customer Support Event

Responding to emails is one thing, but talking to customers on a live support channel like phone or chat presents another set of challenges. In the Limelight: Live Customer Support Best Practices was a panel discussion and networking event aimed at discussing these challenges and equipping leaders with the tools to empower their teams in those moments. Since Aircall is a phone system for teams, the content made perfect sense.

The goal of the event was brand awareness and lead generation. Nearly 75 people attended the event (~40% attendance rate) and ~$12k in pipeline was created. I was responsible for securing the event’s co-sponsor, MaestroQA, creating the concept, helping with panel questions, supporting our sales team, marketing, and managing all event creative and logistics.

I’m proud to say, attendees had a blast! They enjoyed customized notebooks, movie-themed food, a photo booth, a panel discussion in an actual theater, and even a raffle for Hamilton tickets! Check out the video recap and photos below.

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