Elevate CX

Elevate CX is a conference that brings together 200+ Customer Experience professionals for education and community. In 2019, I planned Aircall’s sponsored presence.

The strategy

This audience was small yet highly relevant and aligned with our ICP. There were many accounts present that were already customers, already in the pipeline, or had lost opportunities. The event is very community-oriented and a hard sales approach would not have be well received. So the thought was to use this event as a brand and community builder to make future outreach easier…essentially take things from cold to warm.

Check out the video recap!

Our presence consisted of:

• A consistent theme highlighting the Aircall brand and the power of voice

• An in-booth challenge where visitors were encouraged to memorize and recite our value prop

• In exchange for completing the challenge, they were given a wristband for open bar at our afterparty

• We hosted a really fun and interactive karaoke themed party at the end of the event

Attendees loved it! It’s safe to say no one left Elevate CX without knowing what Aircall was and liking us a little more. Mission accomplished!

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