International Client Gifting

At Aircall, 2020 was particularly rough on our clients. Many of them work in customer experience or sales, constantly dealing with angry customers, tough markets, and all the personal challenges the first year of the pandemic brought.

To cheer them up, I was tasked with putting together holiday gifts for top clients across North America, EMEA, and Australia. But instead of simply sending a generic gift, I wanted to make it fun and incorporate the product. Enter the Holiday Hotline.

Clients would call into a phone line (offered in multiple languages) and take a fun “personality test” to get to their digital gift recommendation. In the end they left a voicemail with the identifier provided via email. They also had the option to choose a different gift if they didn’t like the suggestion or even donate it to a local organization.

This was a huge logistical challenge. With only TWO WEEKS to execute, I had to coordinate with the customer success team to choose accounts, the marketing ops team for emails, the design team for graphics, do tons of research on universal gift options, find charities, have phone prompts recorded and translated, manually listen to each voicemail, and so much more. But in the end, it was worth it.

Nearly 200 clients across 20 countries received gifts. The response was phenomenal. See for yourself in this video recap!

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