Nationwide Food Drives

I am proud to have executed 2 nationwide food drives that contributed thousands of meals to people in need.

#1- Winter Food Drive


While working as a Marketing Specialist at, a B2B catering startup, I was tasked with creating a charitable way to give back as well as engage with clients during the holiday season.

Thus, Cares Winter Food Drive was born. It took place in New York, Boston, Denver, and San Francisco and involved several steps:

  1. Encouraging clients to sign their offices up to participate
  2. Finding local food bank partners
  3. Coordinating bin & signage drop off and donation pick up
  4. Recording and reporting results

That’s a lot of moving pieces! I used a combination of local teams, external delivery services (shout out to Roadie), and the food banks themselves to make it happen.

In the end, the Cares Winter Food Drive produced almost 1,500 meals.

#2 “Christmas in July” Summer Food Drive

Christmas in July promo

There’s something about Christmas music and sweater weather that puts people in a giving mood. Charitable organizations are usually overwhelmed with inquiries to volunteer and donate when the holidays come around, putting a strain on limited resources.

Therefore, this time I decided to hold the drive in the summer with a “Christmas in July” theme.

Donations are actually in high demand during this time. Children in need on summer vacation no longer receive school meals and are at higher risk of hunger. Plus, local organizations have more bandwidth to respond to inquiries and help with logistics.

This strategy proved successful. The Christmas in July food drive provided over 2,000 meals!

Christmas in July food drive results



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