Yankees themed birthday

This event is particularly special to me because I did it for a loved one. I knew I had to incorporate pinstripes for my cousin Shante’s 40th birthday house party. Shante is a Bronx-born, dedicated Yankee fan. Seriously, she has the tattoo to prove it. Her favorite players are Jorge Posada and Derek Jeter.


To offset the limitations of a very modest budget, I incorporated personal elements to make the event special. The table contained a slideshow of photos representing the various phases of the birthday girl’s life, “Posada Popcorn,” and “Jeter Juice.” I paid homage to legend Babe Ruth, and added Cracker Jacks for good measure.

Last but not least, every baseball game needs a good hot dog! I halved full-size franks and stacked them on a cupcake stand to create a hot dog bar. I provided onions, cheese, jalapeños, potato sticks, and sauerkraut as toppings.


Shante loved it!


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