Client Engagement & Loyalty

Every business should focus on engaging clients and building loyalty, but this becomes even more important and complex in B2B companies.

Here are a few examples of client engagement and loyalty campaigns I executed while at

Holiday Gifting

When it comes to ordering food for the office, that responsibility usually falls on one individual whose role is office manager, executive assistant, or something similar. In order to thank these individuals for their business and the often unrecognized work they take on, I orchestrated several nationwide gifting campaigns. Each gift included a punny theme-related message and a treat from a local vendor.

Bonus Bites & Beverages

Bonus Bites & Beverages was a pilot loyalty program I created to tackle the challenge of spreading brand awareness throughout each client’s company and developing loyalty beyond the point of contact.

I partnered with up-and-coming brands that offer complementary products, like snacks and beverages, and had them provide free samples onsite at client offices. Clients received free food, companies got exposure for their products, and was able to brand the experience and spread awareness.







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